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If you are in the sports and entertainment industry, then you know all too well how many times you, your colleagues, and your clients can move at a moment's notice. However, when you receive that phone call, how do you know where to find the experts to make, what can be a stressful, confusing, and often timely move, an easy transition? Who is the best specialist to help you find the right place to live in a new city? How will you find that successful and trusted professional who has vast experience working with pro athletes, coaches, celebrities, and sports and entertainment executives, and who can best help you sell the home that you're leaving behind?

Now, your search for the top real estate agents and properties is over. Your answer is ANTIGEN REALTY.

With headquarters located in Miami's star-studded South Beach, in the middle of South Florida (the sports and entertainment capital of the world), and through our exclusive global network of the best real estate developers, brokers, Realtors, and estate agents (the Antigen Realty Network™), we have built an unparalleled roster of celebrity clientele and established ourselves as the #1 provider of premium real estate services in the sports and entertainment world.

Antigen Realty and our team of experts have all of your moves covered, no matter where you live, and no matter to where you’re moving! No one else offers a level of service quite like this.

We can help you, whether you are: Your call to Antigen Realty is the ONE and ONLY call you need to make for the finest personal real estate services at any time, anywhere.

Tour our site and call us to inquire about our expertise in: Antigen Realty and the Antigen Realty Network™ are THE experts in handling the specialized needs that come with your work and lifestyle as a celebrity, professional athlete, coach, sports or entertainment executive, team owner, or member of the media. We have the hands-on experience that enables us to understand the various needs and desires you have come to expect in life; and we can communicate with you in a way that makes you comfortable, and that will reassure you that we will not only meet, but exceed, your standards and expectations. Finding real estate that is a perfect match for you is our specialty.

Call us now at (305) 531-1101. We're ready to make your move, and your life, a whole lot easier!