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As a high-powered studio, network, or record company executive, you have your thumb on the pulse of your industry. You undoubtedly got to your level of success by working harder and smarter than others, demanding and producing extraordinary results, and commanding respect from your colleagues and other movers and shakers.

Like you, we at Antigen Realty and the Antigen Realty Network℠ (our dominant global team of real estate developers, brokers, REALTORS®, and estate agents) are industry leaders. We have delivered superior celebrity real estate services to more than 2,000 of the biggest stars and executives in entertainment and sports (including Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy Awards winners; CEOs; presidents; producers; directors; and production coordinators), most of who have been referred by our satisfied clients.

  • Are you are looking to “trade up” to a luxurious residence with a breathtaking ocean view, a custom-designed home theater, recording studio, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, and/or spa, in which you can entertain?
  • Do you desire to buy a second house or condo on the other side of the country to accommodate your bicoastal lifestyle?
  • Want to buy or sell your vacation or investment property in any of the hottest cosmopolitan cities or resort areas around the world?
  • What if you are a location manager, and need to secure upscale temporary housing for your stars, producers, directors, and crew while you are on location?

Don’t search any further. You’ve now found the finest and most convenient source to best assist you with all of your real estate transactions anywhere in the world.

Call or e-mail us now to learn more about how we can best serve all of your executive real estate needs (and those of your family, friends, colleagues, and employees) from Malibu, Beverly Hills, and the Hollywood Hills to Miami , New York, Atlanta, Nashville, London, and beyond.